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Kate Naturals

Heavy Cream Powder (12oz)

Heavy Cream Powder (12oz)

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    • Premium Heavy Cream Powder - Kate Naturals

      bulletproof coffee

      Stay Keto

      Kate Naturals' Heavy Cream Powder requires no refrigeration and lasts for months in the resealable bag. Its creamy, rich, pleasant taste will have you quickly forgetting about your liquid creamer at home. Perfect for Keto diets, because it allows for a high fat bulletproof coffee no matter where you are.

      Easy to Make

      Versatile and easy to use, the only other ingredient you need is water. Experiment with different ratios to get your desired consistency.

      For coffee, we recommend trying a ratio of 1 part heavy cream powder to 2 parts water to get a consistency similar to half and half. If you want as much heavy cream in your cooking as possible, we still recommending reconstituting it by adding a little bit of water and making it into a paste first. This will ensure no uncombined powder is left over.

      How to Use:

      1) Combine desired amount of water and Kate Naturals' Heavy Cream Powder.

      2) Mix well

      OPTIONAL STEP: Leave in fridge overnight to thicken to be more like heavy cream.

      3) Add to dish or beverage and enjoy!

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