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Organic Inulin Powder (Blue Agave)

Organic Inulin Powder (Blue Agave)

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Get ‘in’ with the latest all-natural superfood - organic inulin powder. Sourced from a variety of organically grown plants, this soluble fiber is a natural fructan. Fructans are unique plant-based compounds that cannot be broken down by the intestine and travel to the gut to serve as a food source for good bacteria and to provide amazing digestive support.

A natural prebiotic, organic inulin powder is the perfect choice for better digestive support. A specialized plant fiber, inulin powder helps to increase the presence of good bacteria in the gut by working as a natural food source. This leads to a better ability to fight off bad bacteria and infections as well as a better digestive tract overall. The amount of fiber in organic inulin powder also helps to keep you fuller for longer, for amazing appetite control all day long. Additionally, organic inulin powder helps to increase the absorption of essential nutrients in the body by slowing down the digestive process. This includes necessary nutrients like calcium and magnesium, both essential for maintaining bone density and a better skeletal system.

Our fresh organic inulin powder is easy to use and even easier to enjoy. Simply add a scoop of this fine, tasteless powder to your cup of tea or coffee every morning for an added nutritional boost. Or, add a scoop of powder to your favorite baked goods and sweet treats to create a better-for-you anytime indulgence. Here are some of our favorite recipes using organic inulin powder.

WARNING FOR CALIFORNIA CONSUMERS: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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