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Spider Repellent with Peppermint Oil - 16oz

Spider Repellent with Peppermint Oil - 16oz

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  • CHILD AND PET-SAFE SPRAY: Made with natural peppermint oil and soap. Safe to use around pets and children. Repels and kills insects, roaches, and flies. This spray is biodegradable, cruelty-free, and has no artificial colors, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. No SLS or DEET.


  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION AGAINST SPIDERS: Protects spiders, bugs, insects, and ants from crawling over all your house, basement, attics, and yard. Simply spray around windows, doors, baseboards, under sinks, in cabinets, around appliances, in the kitchen and bathrooms. Spray as much as you desired.


  • REPELS SPIDERS WITH PEPPERMINT OIL: Repels spiders, insects, flies, roaches, ants and keeps them away. This eco-friendly biopesticide can be used indoor and outdoor.


  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with natural ingredients in the USA. A refreshing and pleasant scent to keep your house smelling good while driving spiders and critters away. This 16oz bottle has up to 2,000 sprays.
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