Moles & Voles Repellent Spray by Emily's Garden (128oz - 1 gallon)

Moles & Voles Repellent Spray by Emily's Garden (128oz - 1 gallon)

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What is Moles & Voles Repellent Spray?

If you have moles, voles, or gophers in your yard, it is time to take action with our Moles & Voles Repellent Spray by Emily's Garden. The product allows you to spray the area where the pests are causing problems, which will help to keep them away. Our Mole & Vole Repellent Spray is a useful option for individuals with moles or voles on their property since it does not include toxic chemicals that might damage pets or humans; instead, this eco-friendly repellent is made with natural ingredients such as castor oil. Shrews can cause a lot of damage to your yard and garden, so using this repellent can help you protect your property.

The repellent is a non-toxic mixture of natural oils derived from plants. This repellent spray is made with castor oil and can be sprayed on the grass where these pests are causing problems. Using this product allows you to fight mole damage by spraying the area where they are active. This is important because moles and voles can cause significant damage to your lawn; their burrowing can ruin the appearance of your lawn and can also make it difficult to mow. In addition to keeping burrowing pests away, this spray also makes it possible to grow plants in any part of your yard; repellents can be used as a natural compound and have little effect on humans, pets, or plants.

Why Use Moles & Voles Repellent Spray?

Protect your garden, lawn, or crops with this safe, environmentally-friendly repellent. This repellent uses castor oil to keep pests away, and because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, it doesn't have any of the nasty smells associated with traditional repellents. The repellent spray contains a scent that moles and voles do not like, and it will keep them away.

How to Use Moles & Voles Repellent Spray?

Our Moles & Voles Repellent Spray is perfectly packaged in a convenient gallon with a sprayer and is ready to add to any garden and outdoor essentials. Aim the nozzle of the spray topper at the targeted area and squeeze the lever to release the castor-based power. Use it to spray the edges of your garden beds and landscaping, around the perimeter of your property, or directly on moles, voles, and gophers in the ground.