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Kate Naturals

Lavender Syrup for Coffee and Cocktails (8oz) by Kate Naturals.

Lavender Syrup for Coffee and Cocktails (8oz) by Kate Naturals.

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Naturally Sweeten Your Favorite Recipes

Skip the bouquet with our delicious Lavender Syrup! Our premium Lavender Syrup is carefully created through a process of steeping and blending fresh blooms. Once processed, this mixture is blended over heat with simple syrup to add a thick consistency and a touch of sweetness. This delicious syrup has a light and flowery flavor that is ideally for naturally sweetening dishes and drinks.

  • thick consistency
  • all natural
  • light & flowery taste

La-La-Lavender Land

Our premium Lavender Syrup is a fantastic alternative to standard sweeteners such as white sugar or honey, with a unique flavor that will accent a variety of dishes perfectly. In addition to its unique flavor, lavender syrup also offers a few unique body-boosting benefits, too. You can also mix it into your coffees or lattes to create a trendy Lavender Coffee drink. Try mixing a few spoonfuls into your cake batter, cookie dough or brownie batter for a light, flowery flavor that pairs well with a variety of icings.

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