Advanced Hand Sanitizer 8oz - 75% Alcohol Unscented
Advanced Hand Sanitizer 8oz - 75% Alcohol Unscented

Advanced Hand Sanitizer 8oz - 75% Alcohol Unscented

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  • KILLS 99.99% OF GERMS: Works very fast to clean your and get rid of the organisms that collected on your hands.
  • CONTAINS 75% ETHYL ALCOHOL: Help kill germs without leaving a sticky residue. After a quick rub, the stickiness subsides.
  • GENTLE ON HANDS - Infused with vegetable oil to moisturize hands and prevent them from getting that dryness typically associated with low-quality sanitizers.
  • PUMP HEAD - Hassle free easy-to-use pump for a quick sanitation.
  • INSTANT DRY - Dry your hands within seconds and get back to business.

If you're looking for a quick, portable, and affordable hand sanitizer, Kate Naturals' Hand Sanitizer is a godsend. 

In these times, hand sanitizer is your go-to protection at-home, in the car, on your walk, and at the groceries. We all come into contact with an array of foreign organisms, from whatever we touch, and whatever we breath. Regulating the sanitation of your hands is a time-proven defense against many kinds of pathogens. Sometimes you're unable to wash your hands given the environment you're in, so having Kate Naturals' hand sanitizer "on-hand" will grant you peace of mind and protect you from the hazards of every-day life. That is why, Kate Naturals' has come up with an affordable solution!


Apply an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer in your palms, rub all over your hands and fingers, until comfortably dry

If you don't absolutely love your purchase, simply let us know and we'll send you a full refund, no questions asked! This guarantee stands for 365 days after your purchase so you have plenty of time to try out our product

Benefits of Kate Naturals' Hand Sanitizer Using Kate's Sanitizer will eradicate the invisible pathogens accumulating on your hands. From the minute we wake up and to the moment we go to sleep, our hands touch anything and everything, and should we touch our face, nose, mouth, or ears, we make ourselves even more vulnerable to developing a sickness. That's why Kate created a sanitizer that you can use to quickly kill germs and help you continue on with your daily life.

Tips for Hygiene As we have become more aware of how quickly and easily viruses can spread, it is good for us to practice daily hygiene that keeps us away from another doctor visit:

  • wash your hands/ use hand sanitizers
  • don't touch your face as germs can easily hop off your hands into your body through your mouth, nose, or ears
  • keep distance from people who do not live in your household
  • sanitize surfaces you frequently touch
  • take care of your mental well-being


We aim to offer the highest quality and most authentic products. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return it for a FULL REFUND within 365 days.


Our facility is located in California and is Certified USDA Organic. We are registered with the California Department of Health. 

We comply with the highest manufacturing standards to ensure that all of our products are top quality.

Kate uses organic ingredients in her products without the harmful chemicals that damage our health and our environment. Her motto is if she cannot pronounce the ingredient, she won't use it in her products. 

Grab a bottle and stay safe!